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Installing Apache for Windows
« on: August 04, 2008, 03:56:39 PM »
this is my first tut so be nice if I screw it up. In this tut i'll be showing how to install Apache onto a windows machine complete with PHP and MySQL.

1. We'll using a pre-compiled package called WAMP. This will auto install Apache, MySQL and PHP, plus phpmyadmin. Download is here:

2. Launch the installer and follow the prompts. The installer should ask you if you want it as a service so its starts by itself, tick if you want. Then specify the webroot dir (just click OK for default). A box should pop-up looking for explorer.exe , this is because the WAMP launcher wants to know browser to use for it admin tool. Click OK for IE or browse to your alternative browser directory and exe file. When done click the tik box to start WAMP now and click finish.

3. Your firewall ask you questions about the starting services, do what you normally do to allow access

4. You should notice a new icon in your clock area, left click on it for access to admin tools.ATTENTION!!! by default mysql has no password set you must set it straight away .Go to phpmyadmin and wait for it to load.

5. In phpmyadmin click privileges, look for the user "root" on the host "localhost". Click the picture of a man with a pencil, it should come up with a edit page, scroll down till you find change password. Fill out that stuff, save and then close the browser.

6. The config of phpmyadmin is set so that auto logs in with no pwd, we need to change this. Go to your wamp directory, look for www and then phpmyadmin. Delete everything there and download this: .
Extract it into the phpmyadmin folder.

Done! If you want anything else covered just reply and I will be happy to help. Next I will show you how to use virtual hosts and password protect items!