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Paper Mario series
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Even though these games will never be able to top off Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES... yet, I'm psyched to see more of what Miyamoto and Iwata have up their sleeves for the next Paper Mario (if that is...).

I finally completed Super Paper Mario for the Wii. It wasn't too shabby. Although, I should warn that I might uncover some spoilers. I was a bit disappointed, however, that they didn't include RPG battle scenarios like the ones used in The Thousand-Year Door and the original, which would've made the game 10 times better imo. There was very little or none of strategic moves I could use to fight the villains in the game. All Mario had possessed was a basic run and jump in the game which wasn't all that thrilling, again, which goes back to my point about going into an actual battle. There was also the 3D-2D flip move, which became a nice feature at first but then got old and irritating for a bit throughout the entire game. After getting the fourth or fifth pure heart, the game became a drag. But the ending sure made up for it.

I have a strong interest in the storyline and the love setting between Blumiere, also as Count Bleck and Timpani (Timpi) was absolutely heartwarming and sad to see. I especially liked how during the game, each time I won a pure heart; I get a piece of the missing storyline puzzle which raised a lot of questions and the ending came all together with the answers, which made a spectacular finish. It's too bad they didn't show Timpi's true human form, but I think they wanted her figure to be unknown as a way of leave and let be, which was OK. The sacrifice between Blumiere and Timpi was saddening to see and knowing if they were still alive or not was uncertain but it had a nice touch to it. Of course, after the credits they show the two together on a hilltop at a large distance.

I recommend this to play.