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Monetizing Your Website
« on: January 01, 2008, 06:54:58 PM »
Lately, I have been updating a lot of my website with new blog templates and new structures to take advantage of newly learned ways to monetize my website. I have to say I have been very impressed with the results so far. Even though it has been only a week or two I have seen an increase in the amount of money earned with two of my sites. So, I thought it would be fair to reveal some of the things that I have been doing to accomplish this task.

1. Google Adsense - Google adsense has always been the bread and butter of my monetary business with all my website. I guess because it is so easy to implement it in anything that I publish. Rather it be a article or a website. If you don't know with google adsense is it a means to add ads to websites that pay YOU money if the ad or text link is clicked. Google adsense is connected with google adwords were publishers will pay per click to advertise in the Google network which is very expansive and includes search engines as well as websites, radio and classifieds. For me google has paid very well and as I increase in volume/content so has google adsense income.

2. My second means of income comes from affiliate marketing. Right now I market a lot of merchandise from eBay,,, overstock, netflix, and the list goes on. Most of the income comes from my websites but I also write a lot of articles that I publish on article sites that also link to affiliates. If you don't know about article marketing you need to read this article "Article Marketing And Promotion". In this article I give a detailed explanation of how to make money with article marketing.

3. Text Links Ads - I started selling ad space on my website to see if it was possible to even make some money doing this. I have to say that it is possible. I have not been doing this very long but so far I like the result and text links makes it easy as pie to implement this on any website. The only prerequisite to this is that you will have to be accepted into there program. But once in they will promote your site and get you the best price that they can. If you don't get accepted into their program there are other programs that you can implement that will do the same.

4. Kontera - This little program has been a little God sent for me and I see a lot of potential in it. Especially for my pocket. The website is Definitely get involved with this program.

5. Bidvertiser - is in direct competition with google adsense and the great thing about them is that there payout is a minimum of $10 dollars. If you are not convinced with google adsense I would recommend using them. They have a lot of advertisers and this is a great opportunity for make money.

These are just a few of the new resources that I am trying out.