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In Google Results, Comments Are The Description
« on: January 01, 2008, 06:46:58 PM »
I still have number one spot on Google for my main keyword, which rocks. The only SEO I've really done on this site was to clear out the keyword stuffing from a few years ago (ack) and start paying more attention to my titles and trying to make them better.

So the number one spot lists my index page as number one, then indented is another page, not at all what I would choose (and this keyword is all over a lot of other pages because it's the topic of the entire site), but whatever. Google does what it wants.

What annoys me about this one is that on the indented, secondary page, the description comes from the second out of SIXTY NINE comments. How weird is that? I *thought* I had some kind of code in there to tell Google not to bother with comments. I'm in the midst of redesign, so I'll add that to my to-do list and make sure it's there. Maybe that's why my spam count is over 200,000 in just over a year. (Fortunately I have good spam catchers)

The site itself is over a decade old, although a year ago I moved the entire thing to WordPress to make it easier to manage. (It's large) It's not a blog, but WP works well.

This page is really just a trivia page: famous people who do this thing. Hardly a good page, IMO, for a second page at Google. There are so many pages that would be better, although now I understand why so many read that page. Geesh. (I'd been wondering why so many cared about celebs)

So it's just a list. I don't even have a header, just a list of about 50 names. And then this huge amount of comments that are on topic for the general topic but nothing to do with famous people on the list. It's becoming crystal clear now why I have all these comments on that obscure page. And maybe I just answered my own first question, which was WHY. Why does Google have the second comment as the description?

But why not the first comment? It has about five lines of text (all caps, mind you), and the keyword twice. The second comment, which is in Google results, has the word twice plus an extra in plural form. But the next comment has the keyword four times.

Does this make sense to anyone?

And more importantly, should I

1. try and optimize a different page for the term?
2. add a short paragraph at the top with the keyword, hoping Google will use that instead next time it updates?
3. or...ignore it and accept that this is life with Google?