Author Topic: What processor upgrades are possible?  (Read 5623 times)


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What processor upgrades are possible?
« on: October 03, 2007, 12:30:41 PM »
> Would anyone care to advise on upgrade paths? I have an Intel Pentium
> 4 3.4 plugged into a TriGem Advent series motherboard. Socket 478.
> What processor upgrades are possible? Should I consider a motherboard
> upgrade?

You did not specify a model number, but looking at:

http://www.uktsuppo advent/pc/ 3418.htm appears that TriGem Advent 3418PC, uses an MSI mainboard, and
has a link to the MSI page in the 'Motherboard Info' section, pointing

http://www.msi. products/ mainboard/ mbd/pro_mbd_ detail.php? UID=455

If this is not your specific model, a little poking around on the
website might unearth the information you seek, which should be
included in whatever downloadable manual and/or spec sheets, the
company offers.