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Daewoo DSD-9502T and DSD-9503T
« on: August 04, 2008, 03:41:40 PM »
The new Daewoo DSD-9502T (80Gb) and DSD-9503T(160Gb) PVRs are now in the homes of Digital Spy users, so it's time to start a new thread.

It's a fully functioned dual tuner PVR.

My first impressions? The picture quality is excellent. It uses great firmware similar to the the Vestel machines - though I really don't think that this machine is a Vestel clone however. Just about everything is here, and seems to work. Easy to use epg that's there from switch-on. Auto padding. Commercial skip. Chase Play. Even archiving seems to be there. It has no fan - the only noise you hear is that of the hard-drive. Seems to cope well with my less-than-perfect signal. It doesn't continually buffer - but all you have to do is press the Time Shift button to start this. Keeps the machine quiet and cool.

What don't I like? The print's a bit small on the remote. That's it.

Budget machines really don't come any better than this at the moment. If you're looking to only spend between £90 and £140, I doubt that you'd be disappointed.

I bought mine for less than £100 from here