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2008 DS Ratings Prediction Game: Season 3
« on: August 04, 2008, 03:38:21 PM »
Welcome to Season 3 of the DS Ratings Prediction Game!

ANYONE can play this game- even if you missed season 1 or 2, because everyone will start with 0 points. Many of you already have played in season 1 or 2 and know the rules. But just to remind people, here they are:

It is very simple. Every week you will have to predict the ratings to 10 main shows selected by myself. I'll try and select different types of shows to give a variety. If you have suggestions to put shows in the schedule, you can post them in the thread.

You will need to submit your predictions on the thread by a certain date which I will specify. If you do not submit your predictions by the deadline, you will be penalised accordingly. Once you submit your predictions, you can not change them.

Along with the 10 main shows, you will also need to predict 5 backup ratings. These backup ratings will help position people in the table who have the same main points- it is basically like goal difference. Backup ratings will also be used in scenarios where a main show is not broadcast, or is significantly altered from its initial schedule. If this situation arises, the 1st backup rating will be made into a main rating, and so on.

After we find out the actual ratings, each person will be given points for every show. The points system will work as following:

5 points= predicted rating is exactly the same as the actual rating
3 points= predicted rating is 0.1m-0.3m away from actual rating
2 points= predicted rating is 0.4m-0.5m away from actual rating
1 point= predicted rating is 0.6m-1m away from actual rating
0 points= predicted rating is more than 1m away from actual rating

New rule: There is a new feature this season called “Special Shows”. There will be 2 “Special Shows” each week. For these shows, you will get double points. For e.g. if you get a prediction bang on correct, you will get 10 points instead of 5 points. So, these shows are very important in terms of the game. Special shows will generally be harder shows to predict. Give extra time when predicting these shows, as it could potentially make a big difference in your position.

Each week, players will be ranked by points. Daily updates will happen, ending each week with a final update. There'll be a different table every week, so it doesn't matter if you missed a week.

There will also be a few other leaderboards:
- an overall Season 3 leaderboard by points
- an overall Season 3 leaderboard by weekly average (so it doesnt matter if you miss a week)

I hope everyone enjoys the game, and please don't take it too seriously!